Welcome to KwikNet

KwikNet is here to provide a fast, friendly, reliable, and secure chat network, full of friendly people and staff that are always willing to help out and make sure that your chatting experience is the best possible.



Our chat network is more than just servers and services. Our community directly contributes to your online privacy. Get involved in changing the future of online chatting.


Real Privacy

What you talk about is your own business and we’d like to keep it that way. All connections and messages are secured via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on KwikNet.

High Availability

We pride ourselves on maintaining high-speed IRC servers around the globe, with a strong emphasis on network stability and security.

Network Services

KwikServ is a complete set of services written from the ground up. KwikServ aims to be efficient, flexible, and extensible. For more comprehensive information about KwikServ, visit the ‘Services‘ section or join #KwikNet.

Come Join Us

To chat on KwikNet, you can download and install an IRC client or chat within your browser through our ‘Chat‘ page. Many IRC clients are available for different operating systems. Once installed, connect to our default round-robin server is irc.KwikNet.org:+6697 (SSL). This will connect you to the closest server possible. If you connect on the default IRC port (6667), you will only be able to join #KwikNet. This protects you as well as the other users on KwikNet from prying eyes. Here is a list of some IRC clients:

Windows: mIRC, heXChat, KVIrc, ChatZilla

Mac OS X: XChat, Colloquy, KVIrc, ChatZilla, LimeChat

Linux: XChat, KVIrc, ChatZilla, Konversation

Android: AndroIRCAndChatIRCCloud

iOS: TurboIRCPalaverColloquy